Hair Extensions and Applications

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When looking for longer hair length and style versatility, wearing a high quality hair weave is a must. Growing hair inches in minutes is fantastic for getting that versatile style in a short time. A hair weave can be human or synthetic (artificial) hair and generally covers natural hair enhancing a realistic and vibrant look. Some of the most popular choices for wearing hair extensions include Hair Weaving, Bonding, Braiding and Fusion.


This weaving technique is arguably the most popular choice. The natural hair is initially braided into cornrows. The weave is then sewn onto the cornrows using needle and a thick hair weave thread. For an even more realistic finish, a lace closure can be applied to the crown of the head.


Netting is a hair extension application technique where the natural hair is braided or woven underneath a thin breathable net which fits on the scalp. The net acts as a flat surface onto which stylists use as a base to weave hair extensions.


The bonding technique requires the weave weft/track to be applied to the root of the hair with the use of bonding glue. This method is considerably quicker in comparison to some of the others mentioned and can therefore be an excellent choice for fast application requirements. It is important to note that this method is not considered the best choice for long-term use as it generally lasts for a few weeks.


There is a huge choice in the type of hair extensions you can get. Some stylish options include Single braids, Micro braids and Jumbo braids. Hair extension braiding involves the plaiting of hair extensions pieces such as bulk hair (human/synthetic) with your natural hair which form an absolutely stunning finish.


The Fusion application is just right for obtaining full luscious length. The hair extensions used within this application process can have an ‘I’ or ‘U’ shaped glue section which is attached to natural hair with a heated iron. Fusion weaves are however one of the most expensive hair extension techniques.

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